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General Info

"With A sound NFT" is brought to you by me, whisper829. 

I started out in NFTs in late 2020 and have been a community manager and/or mod for multiple projects since then. I have learned so much from the projects I've been able to be a part of and decided I wanted to make my own mark on the web3 space.

"With A Sound NFT" started out as an idea about a year ago and I am so proud to be able to introduce it to all of you now!


While simple, the art comes from my love of the style and fashion from the 1920s era. 


Game Play

"With A Sound NFT" will be a discord based game. There will be token-gated channels for holders to go through the plot, clues, evidence, etc. I envision a community-based game that inspires interaction and conversation.

The Discord will be opened after mint starts

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